Trump news today: GOP senators target abortion protesters as ex-president sells DC hotel

Biden mocks Trump as ‘the great MAGA King’ in speech on economy

As the row over the draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade continues, hardline Republican Senators are demanding that anti-abortion protesters should be arrested if they demonstrate outside justices’ homes.

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, who infamously called on the government to “send in the troops” during the 2020 anti-racism protests, said that “any protesting a judge’s home should be arrested on the spot by federal law enforcement”. His colleague Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, meanwhile, said that officers “should haul all of these people down to the police headquarters.”

In making their arguments, both senators cited a law passed during the Red Scare of the 1950s.

Meanwhile, the Trump Organization has announced the sale of a long-term lease of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, which has been picked up by the CGI Merchant Group of Miami for $375m.

The Pennsylvania Avenue hotel had served as a symbol of Donald Trump’s clout with politicians and other figures who gathered there, but had also attracted multiple accusations of corruption, from questions over its use during the 2017 inauguration to concerns that bills paid by foreign delegations staying there could violate the Constitution’s emoluments clauses.


Senators round on Supreme Court protesters

While many Republicans are staying away from the row over protests outside Supreme Court justices’ homes, citing the First Amendment’s protection of the right to protest, some the more hardline members are jumping in with both feet.

Among them is Marsha Blackburn, who told the far-right network Newsmax that the protesters should be arrested for breaching section 1507 of the US criminal code, which makes it a crime for anyone to “picket or parade in or near a building housing a court of law”. the United States, or in or near a building or residence occupied or used by” judges or justices.

“They should haul all of these people down to the police headquarters. They should book them for violating a federal statute,” she said, accusing the protesters of trying to “change the outcome of a Supreme Court decision” by “force or intimidation”.

Andrew Feinberg have the story.

Andrew Naughty12 May 2022 15:40


Republicans row over Ukraine aid

Marjorie Taylor Greene and other hardcore members of the House Republican caucus have gone on something of a rampage against the US’s support for Ukraine, complaining that the money being sent to fight Russia would be better spent at home.

But others in the ranks are not amused – and Ms Greene’s latest tirade has met with a harsh response from her ideological antithesis, Adam Kinzinger.

Andrew Naughty12 May 2022 15:10


Poll: Should Trump be allowed back on Twitter?

As soon as it became clear Elon Musk was serious about buying Twitter, it immediately raised the possibility that the self-proclaimed “free speech absolutist” would let Donald Trump back onto the platform.

Mr Musk, who is still in the process of buying the social media network, said the decision to block Trump in January 2021 was “morally bad” and “a mistake”.

The Independent is keen to know its readers’ views. Do you think Trump should be allowed to return to Twitter? Vote in the poll below:

Andrew Naughty12 May 2022 14:45


House Republicans celebrate Tucker Carlson’s birthday – and tease a campaign…

The NRCC, which oversees the Republicans’ campaign to retake the House of Representatives, has got a new fundraising tactic: inviting its supporters to wish a happy birthday to far-right Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson. And more than that, it’s also asking them to weigh in on whether he should run for political office – pointing out that the conspiracy-mongering host will be giving a speech in Iowa this summer:

Andrew Naughty12 May 2022 14:13


Report: Kathy Barnette’s rise makes Trump “nervous” about Oz’s prospects

As “ultra-Maga” candidate Kathy Barnette continues her out-of-nowhere surge in Pennsylvania, CNN reports that Donald Trump is increasingly concerned about the implications for his chosen candidate, Dr Mehmet Oz:

The situation has left Trump feeling “nervous about Oz’s prospects,” according to one Trump adviser, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisal.

“For the past five months, he’s been told the only threat to Oz is named David McCormick. This is a twist no one saw coming,” the adviser said.

Another person close to Trump who has been supportive of Oz described the situation as “a nightmare.” In interviews with CNN, this person and three other Trump allies described Barnette, who nabbed endorsements late Tuesday from the socially conservative groups Susan B. Anthony List and Catholic Vote and a seven-figure investment from the Club for Growth, as a major threat to both Oz and McCormick in the last stretch of the race.

Read the full report here.

Andrew Naughty12 May 2022 13:38


Trump embraces Biden’s “Maga King” label on Truth Social

Joe Biden’s derisive description of Donald Trump as the “Great Maga King” comes as the president tries to amp up his messaging for the midterm elections – and it seems to have gone down well with Mr Trump himself, at least going by his latest post on TruthSocial:

Andrew Naughty12 May 2022 13:00


Former US attorney general on prosecuting Trump

Eric Holder, who served as US attorney general during the Obama administration, appeared last night on MSNBC to discuss the delicate issue of whether and how Donald Trump should be indicted over his suggested role in the events of 6 January 2021. Mr Holder has previously raised concerns about the potential impact of having the Justice Department prosecute a prior president – ​​but in his interview, he also pointed out that holding Mr Trump to account for his actions could have important positive effects.

“There’s a whole range of things that I think a prosecutor has to take into consideration before you ultimately decide to bring a case,” he said. “But I think here, it would be a divisive thing, but given the nature of what it is we’re looking at…people have to be held accountable, but just as importantly, there has to be a deterrent effect so that people in the future will know that if you try something the likes of which were tried by the Trump crowd, you will be held accountable, you will have to face some kind of serious consequences.”

Watch Mr Holder’s remarks below.

Andrew Naughty12 May 2022 12:07


Right-wingers continue attacks on Ukraine aid

Two of the most intensely right-wing members of Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar, have continued railing against the US’s support for Ukraine in the face of the Russian assault – invoking the US’s domestic problems as a pretext for rejecting the $40bn aid package passed by the House this week.

Also angry about the amount allocated to Ukraine is far-right North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn, who complained that the US should spend $40bn on its veterans – apparently unaware that the VA’s budget is more than seven times that size. Maroosha Muzaffar have the story.

Andrew Naughty12 May 2022 11:22


Dr Oz tears into surging “ultra-Maga” rival

Trump endorses Dr Mehmet Oz may be at the top of the polls in Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate primary, but he faces an increasingly concerning challenge from an unexpected figure: previously obscure right-winger Kathy Barnette, who is now closed the polling gap at the top of the field to within the margin of statistical error.

In response, many on the Trump-aligned right are trying to tarnish Ms Barnette as much as possible in the few days remaining until the final vote. And Dr Oz himself made an appearance on Fox News yesterday to join the pile-on:

Andrew Naughty12 May 2022 10:50


Texas AG fundraising off 2020 election conspiracy theory movie

Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general who spoke at the 6 January rally outside the White House before the Capitol riot, is hosting a fundraiser for himself – and for his donors’ entertainment he’s putting on a screening of 2000 Mulesa falsehood-driven documentary created by pro-Trump conservative maven Dinesh D’Souza.

The film, which Mr Trump himself has enthusiastically praised, claims that (debunked) cellphone data proves that Democrats engaged in a massive election fraud scam to throw the presidency Joe Biden’s way.

Mr Paxton is facing disciplinary action from the Texas state bar over his involvement in post-election lawsuit challenging Mr Biden’s victory; nonetheless, he is running for re-election this year with Mr Trump’s endorsement. Having placed first in the GOP primary field, he will face George P. Bush, scion of the presidential dynasty, in a Republican runoff on 24 May.

Andrew Naughty12 May 2022 10:15

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